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Your Questions

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Where are you located?

We are based in Springfield, Missouri, but we will travel ANYWHERE!  We shoot often in Kansas City and St. Louis as well as Northwest Arkansas, and we can create beautiful photos in any city.

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How do I receive my pictures?

We deliver via a beautiful online gallery, with a secure and personalised link, for you to view, download and share. We do offer beautiful, professional prints, but you also get a print release so that you can have prints made anywhere you choose!

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When will I receive my pictures?

5 weeks is our typical estimate, but usually much sooner!

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Do you have backup gear and liability insurance?

ABSOLUTELY WE DO!  We take our business seriously.  We have plenty of gear to make sure we can cover any potential issues on your wedding day, and we are also insured!

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Do you recommend a first look?

Yes! But PLEASE read to the end before you pass judgment! Just because we “recommend” a first look doesn’t mean we can’t work with a couple who decides that the first look isn’t for them. We are approaching YOUR wedding from OUR perspective, as photographers, and we are always going to recommend avenues that allow us more possibilities to shoot your portraits - and the first look is one such moment. For those clients who are eyeing the 5 hour package, we wholeheartedly recommend a first look to ensure that we are able to shoot as many photos as we can before the ceremony. Once you have seen each other we are then able to also photograph your full wedding party photos…..which leaves us with the blessed opportunity (praise Jesus) to steal you away for some GORGEOUS golden hour portraits during your reception! TRUST US, you will not regret it.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do!  We are happy to split up your payments over the course of your engagement into increments that fit your budget! 

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What should we wear?

We love it when you express yourself!  If you are comfortable in your clothes, you will be more comfortable in front of the camera!  That being said, this is a special occasion, and we typically prefer leather shoes over tennis shoes, button downs over t-shirts, and anything unique that really shows your personality.  Blues and burgundies really show nicely on the camera, but if your favorite color is teal, bring it and we will shoot it!

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What should we expect during a shoot?

The main thing we ask for is CLOSENESS. We are photographers who love candid, authentic moments. The photos we take are wordless stories of the bond YOU share with each other. We are always looking for interaction and sweet moments shared between two hearts who have found their person. Before we’re done with you you’ll wish you could have $1 for every time we ask you to “look at each other!”