Ben & Ashley | Married in Branson, MO

Ben and Ashley are such a special couple.  Becoming friends first, they eventually realized there was more between them, and once they started dating, it became obvious to friends and family that they were perfect for each other.  It's been such a pleasure to work with them and get to know them, from the moment we met them on Skype last year.  Ashley and Ben are our second couple this spring to deal with major plan changes because of Mother Nature.   Due to the massive flooding in the Ozarks, and more specifically, to their venue, they were forced to move locations and find new vendors last minute.  In the midst of an extremely hectic couple of weeks, scrambling to create a new wedding plan, and dealing with several challenges on the actual wedding day, Ben and Ashley took everything in stride and laughed with each other and everyone supporting them, and although their day ended up looking a bit different than they had planned and imagined, it was a beautiful celebration of their love and future life together.  



Britney Rhea